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Build and Share Mod Lists

Create a list of tools, mods, plugins, and configuration files on the site and share it with your friends and the community.

Resolve Issues Quickly and Easily

We track requirements, compatibility, install order, and load order issues between mods. Mod Lists display issues and offer automatic resolution options.

Learn About Modding and Mod Picker

Our Help Center is constantly growing. The Help Center currently offers detailed articles about our platform and modding Bethesda Games.

Powered by the Community

Reviews, Compatibility, Install Order, and Load Order Notes are submitted by the community. Anyone can contribute to make modding easier for everyone.

Find the Mods You Want

Mod categories, open tagging, user submitted reviews, and extensive search and filtering options allow you to find the mods you want easier than ever before.

Find Mods From Many Sources

Mod Picker does not host mods. Instead, Mod Picker lists mods hosted on Nexus Mods, Steam Workshop, Lover's Lab, and other sites.

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