About Us

Mator Created Aug 15 2016 - Updated Mar 6 2019 Mod picker

Mod Picker is a web application built to help people find, choose, and set up mods. We currently only support Skyrim mods, but we plan to expand to other games in the future. We exist to provide value to the modding community through organizing information about mods into a cohesive framework.

Our Philosophy

  1. Anyone is capable of contributing to the community if they put their mind to it.
  2. By making knowledge accessible, inspiring strong values, and enforcing high standards to crowd-sourced content, we can build a better modding community.
  3. We are strong supporters of open source and the cathedral philosophy of modding, but we acknowledge mod authors own their works and control their distribution.

The Team

  • Mator - Founder and lead developer.
  • TerrorFox1234 - Head of public relations.
  • Thallassa - Staff writer and UX Designer.
  • Sirius - Web developer.
  • awrfyu - Web developer.
  • Nariya - Web developer.
  • Breems - Application developer.
  • ThreeTen - UX Designer.