Mator Created Nov 16 2016 - Updated Nov 16 2016 Mod picker

Mod Picker allows users of sufficient reputation to create appeals on mods to change their status. Appeals are corrections on mods, and can be browsed on the corrections index page.


Creating appeals and voting

Only users with 40 or more reputation can create appeals or vote on existing appeals. This restriction is to prevent users with minimal community involvement or understanding of mods from overwhelming the more involved and knowledgeable members of the community.

Mod Authors can change the status of their mods from good to unstable or outdated without using an appeal.


Anyone can comment on an appeal to participate in the discussion relating to it.


  • A status. An appeal can be open, passed, failed, or closed.
  • A suggested mod status. This cannot be the mod's current status, and only one open appeal per mod status is allowed.
  • A mod.
  • A description. The description should address why the mod's status should be changed. Technical reasoning/evidence, and steps to replicate your findings are highly recommended.
  • Votes. Qualified users can vote in agreement or disagreement with appeals. Each user can vote only once, and can change their vote at any time.


There a number of different reasons why you might want to submit an appeal on a mod. Below is a list of a few examples:

  • The mod is made outdated, and objectively better choices exist.
  • The mod has one or more critical bugs that cause or greatly contribute to game instability.
  • The mod was outdated, but has been updated and is now a reasonable choice relative to the alternatives.
  • The mod was unstable, but has been updated and is now stable.

NOTE: If the mod does not comply with Mod Picker community guidelines you should submit a report, not an appeal.


  1. An appeal is created for a mod.
  2. Users vote on the appeal and discuss it in the comments section.
  3. If the creator of the appeal decides it is unnecessary they can close it.
  4. After one week, if a minimum number of votes is reached and a majority of users agree with the correction it will pass and the mod's status will be changed automatically. If the minimum number of votes is not reached or a majority of users disagree with the appeal it will fail, and nothing will change.

Minimum votes

The minimum vote requirement for an appeal to pass is currently 4 votes. This value may change if we find it is too large or too small in practice.


  1. Sign in to your Mod Picker account. (An account with 40 or more reputation is required to submit an appeal.)
  2. Navigate to the mod you want to submit an appeal for and click on its status.
  3. Click on the New Appeal button.
  4. Specify the mod status you are suggesting.
  5. Add a description. Be sure your description complies with the Submission Guidelines. Your description must be at least 64 characters long (~13 words).
  6. Click the Submit button. The prompts shall be automatically removed upon submission - you do not need to delete them yourself.

Submission guidelines

Include your research and sources in your appeal and outline the steps you took to reach your conclusions if relevant. If relevant, include any steps that others can take to verify your findings. Finally, make sure that your appeal is coherent and follows the general submission guidelines.