TerrorFox1234 Created Sep 20 2016 - Updated Oct 16 2016 Mod picker

Mod Picker has a reddit-style commenting system. Comment reply chains are currently only allowed one comment deep. You can make comments on:

  • Articles
  • Mod Lists
  • User profiles
  • Corrections
  • Help Pages

Disabling comments

Users can disable comments on their profile from their User Settings page. Users can disable comments on their Mod List from the details tab. When you disable comments on your profile/mod list all existing comments are hidden, and no user will be allowed to make new comments.

NOTE: Re-enabling comments will not recover comments that were present before you disabled them. Only a member of the site staff can unhide comments.


  1. Go to the place you want to make a comment.
  2. Click on the Add comment button.
  3. Write your comment. Mod Picker uses markdown formatting.
  4. Click the Submit button.

Please ensure your comment follows the Mod Picker Community Guidelines before posting it.