Community Guidelines

TerrorFox1234 Created Sep 12 2016 - Updated Sep 17 2016 Mod picker

The following rules and guidelines outline the behavior we expect from users here on Mod Picker. These were discussed at length and constructed in a way that encourages constructive interactions between users and a generally positive atmosphere. Violation of these guidelines may result in either a warning or a ban depending on the severity of the infraction. Repeat offenders will have their account restricted or banned.


This site relies on a joint community effort to build a knowledge base of mod related information. Interfering with or deliberately impeding the growth of correct, accurate, and detailed information will not be tolerated. By participating on Mod Picker you acknowledge that your contributions may change over time. Similarly you acknowledge that all information is a work in progress.

Respect and civility

Do not harass or insult other users no matter the circumstance. Differences of opinion can be expressed with civility and maturity. Being disrespectful to others based on race, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status, or sexual orientation is absolutely prohibited. Being disrespectful to others based on their ability, reputation, or standing within the community will not be tolerated. In regards to discussing mods, differences of opinion should be expressed in a civil and mature manner. Insults and/or open hostility will not be tolerated. The moderation team reserves the right to take action at their discretion when the feel this guideline has been violated.

Creative rights

Respect the copyright and licensing rights of others as outlined in the Creation Kit End User License Agreement (EULA). If you did not create it and you do not have permission from the creator, then you do not have the right to distribution. Providing links to illegitimate downloads will result in an immediate and permanent ban without appeal.


Deliberately posting false information about a mod or user will not be tolerated. The integrity and value of Mod Picker hinges on accurate information. Do not solicit or threaten others for reputation, reviews, agreement marks, or helpful marks on Mod Picker. Solicitation includes the offering of money, services, goods, or any other incentive.


Do not post or share another user's personal information without their consent unless legally compelled to do so. We practice this discretion with your private information, and expect our community to do the same.

Illegal activity

Do not post anything relating to piracy, drug trafficking, child pornography, or other illegal activities. If you aren’t sure if it is legal it is probably best to not post it. You can message the moderation team if you are uncertain if posting something would violate this rule.

Adult content

We allow the submission of mods deemed adult content, or not safe for work. Please be certain to mark any mod with content that could be considered inappropriate for children or the work place as having adult content. If you are unsure if a mod classifies as having adult content, please message the moderators and mark it as having adult content to be safe. Please see the adult content help page for more information.

NOTE: We do not allow adult content in user avatars under any circumstances. Adult content in mod images is only allowed if the mod is marked as having adult content.