Content Deletion Policy

Mator Created Sep 16 2016 - Updated Sep 16 2016 Mod picker

Mod Picker does not offer immediate deletion for any content on the platform. This protects our content against attacks and allows us to easily reverse mistakes when they occur. Instead of being deleted, content is hidden, which makes it invisible to all users except site staff (with some exceptions). Hidden content is purged from our databases once every 30 days, though it may persist in database backups.

Hidden mods and mod lists

Mod and mod list authors can hide and unhide their mods and mod lists freely. Hidden mods are never purged from the database unless requested. Hidden mod lists will be purged from the database after being hidden for 30 subsequent days.


The site moderation team does not have an easy way to permanently delete any content on the platform, but our developers can access the database directly in extreme circumstances.

You can request a copy of your content within 30 days of it being hidden on our platform. Any requests after this period will not be granted save in certain extreme circumstances per our discretion.

Please see the community ownership section of the contributions help page for information about contribution ownership on Mod Picker.