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Contributions on Mod Picker are reviews, compatibility notes, install order notes, load order notes, corrections, and appeals. For general information on other materials that appear on Mod Picker, see the content help page.


If you have less than 40 reputation on Mod Picker your contributions will have to be approved by the moderation team before becoming publicy visible. This system is in place to mitigate spam, misinformation, and other contributions which would violate our terms of service or community guidelines.

The moderation team may unapprove contributions made by users with more than 40 reputation if they violate our terms of service or community guidelines.

Moderator messages

Moderators can leave messages on contributions separate from the main contribution text. These messages will usually be used to communicate with the contribution submitter about their contribution, e.g. what needs to change for it to be approved. Moderator messages may ocassionally be used for clarification on controversial contributions.


Reviews, compatibility notes, install order notes, and load order notes can be marked as helpful or not helpful. Each user can mark each contribution only once, but can remove or change their helpful mark afterwards. Helpful marks are used to sort contributions and to weight the reputation users recieve from their contributions. Sorting these contributions by helpfulness also takes into account their standing.


Compatibility, install order, and load order notes support corrections. Corrections allow users to correct factually incorrect information in contributions made by other users. Review do not support corrections because they involve presenting opinions rather than factual information.

General guidelines

  • Do not attack or insult mod authors or other users.
  • Please keep your information factual and your claims verifiable. This guideline is relaxed on reviews where you are encouraged to share your honest opinion and experience with the mod you're reviewing.
  • Follow our terms of service and community guidelines.

Community ownership

All contributions made to Mod Picker are owned by the community per our terms of service. Neither the submitter nor Mod Picker, LLC owns contributions once they have been submitted to our platform.