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Mator Created Oct 29 2016 Mod picker

This help page is still under construction!

The Mod Picker home page displays site news and recently submitted content. The news articles displayed on the home page may differ for different games on the site.

Recent mod lists

The five mod lists most recently been marked as "Completed" will appear in the upper right corner of the home page with the avatar of the user who submitted the mod list. You can click on a recent mod list item to view it.

Note: Re-marking a mod list as completed will not make it display on the home page a second time!

Recent mods

The five mods most recently submitted to the platform will appear below the recent mod lists section. You can click on a recent mod item to view it.

Recent articles

The four most recent news articles are displayed at the top of the page. A brief excerpt of the first 50-or-so words will be displayed for each article. You can click on the article titles or on the "Read more" link to read the full article.

Recent contributions

The recent contributions section allows you to view recently submitted contributions on Mod Picker. There are tabs for viewing recent reviews, compatibility notes, install order notes, load order notes, and corrections.