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Index pages on Mod Picker are pages where you can search and browse content and contributions on Mod Picker. All index pages on Mod Picker offer extensive filtering and sorting options. Filters and sorting options are reflected in URL parameters, which allow you to bookmark or share a specific search.

Column selection

Most index pages display a table of results. With these index pages you can select which data columns you wish to view. If you add too many columns and the table gets too wide it will horizontally scroll.

  1. Click on the Edit Columns icon in the upper right-hand corner of the table. Edit columns icon
  2. Check boxes for columns you want to view, and uncheck boxes for columns you don't want to view.
  3. Click the Close button to return to the table.


The left column of every index page is dedicated to filters. Index pages automatically update their results when filters are changed. You can use any combination of filters on any index page. There are three major types of filters of index pages:

Search filters

A search filter allows you to enter text to search for on a specific field. Most search filters do a contains search - returning all results where the field contains the text enterred. Submitter, editor, author, and other user search fields do a starts with search - returning all results where the field starts with the text enterred.

Checkbox filters

Checkbox filters allow you to specify different types of content to search for. Having no checkboxes checked is usually equivalent to having all checkboxes checked.

Range filters

Range filters allow you to filter a date or numeric value to a range. To use a range filter, simply drag the slider nodes to specify the range of values you want to search for.

Tag filtering

Mods and mod lists allow for tag filtering. This allows you between one and ten tags to search for. You can add and remove tags from the tag selector per the directions on the tags help page.


Table results

On index pages that display a table of results you can sort by any single column in the table in ascending or descending order (with some exceptions). The sort direction is displayed in the column header to the left of the column label.

  1. Make certain the column you want to sort by is displayed per column selection
  2. Click on the header of the column you want to sort by.
  3. The column will default to sorting in descending order. You can sort in ascending order by clicking on the column a second time and disable sorting by that column by clicking on it a third time.

NOTE: For columns which represent multiple data sources (e.g. mod views, downloads, etc.) the column will be sorted by the greatest value found from all data sources.


Below is a listing of all of the index pages offerred on Mod Picker and where you can find links to them on the main site.


  • Mods: Link in navbar under "Browse Mods".
  • Mod Lists: Link in the footer under "Browse Content".
  • Plugins: Link in footer under "Browse Content".
  • Users: Link in footer under "Browse Content".
  • Comments: Link in footer under "Browse Content".
  • Articles: Link on the home page.