Load Order

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Load Order refers to the order in which plugins are loaded by the game. In cases where multiple mods edit the same records, the last plugin loaded will win the conflict.


Load Order is important as it determines who wins in a record conflict. It is also important in ensuring that plugins are loaded after mods they depend on to properly function, known as master dependencies.

Managing Load Order


Below is a list of links to Help Center pages covering the various load order sorting utilities.

  • LOOT - Load Order Optimization Tool (aka LOOT) is used for Bethesda Softworks games (Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout: NV, Fallout 4).
  • MLOX - The primary load order sorting utility for Morrowind.

More will be added as Mod Picker grows to support more games

Mod Picker

Mod Picker helps with load order through the use of load order notes and tracking plugin master dependencies via a mod’s Analysis Tab.

Mod Picker mod lists allow you to manage load order and provides automated resolution options for issues with out of order dependencies and load order notes.

IMPORTANT: Mod Picker's built in Load Order sorting functions will likely present a different result than what LOOT suggests. If you sort your Load Order using Mod Picker, and then run LOOT, you will undo the Load Order that Mod Picker suggests.