Load Order Notes

TerrorFox1234 Created Aug 15 2016 - Updated Sep 20 2016 Mod picker

A load order note indicates a required load order for two plugins. Mod Picker users can submit install order notes on any mods/plugins on Mod Picker. Load order notes are displayed with automatic resolution options when editing a mod list on Mod Picker. See the contributions help page for general information about Mod Picker contributions.


  • Two plugins. The plugins must both be submitted to Mod Picker in order to be specified on a Load Order Note.
  • An order. One of the plugins should be loaded before the other.
  • A description. This should cover what the load order issues are, including any relevant technical details such as what record conflicts there are between the mods.


  1. Sign in to your Mod Picker account (or create one). (An account is required to submit a load order note.)
  2. Navigate to one of the two mods your note relates to. It doesn’t matter which mod you choose to add your note to, it will be listed on the pages of both of the mods you specify.
  3. Click the Load Order tab.
  4. Click the Add Load Order Note button.
  5. Specify the plugin for the mod you are currently viewing by entering its filename in the first plugin filename input. You must choose the plugin from the autocomplete dropdown to select it.
  6. Specify the second plugin, which can be from any other mod on Mod Picker, by entering its filename in the second plugin filename input. You must choose the plugin from the autocomplete dropdown to select it.
  7. Choose "Before" or "After" from the order dropdown. Before means the second plugin should be loaded before the first plugin, After means the second plugin should be installed after the first plugin.
  8. Add a description. Be sure your description complies with the Submission Guidelines. Your description must be at least 256 characters long (~50 words).
  9. Click the Submit button. The prompts shall be automatically removed upon submission - you do not need to delete them yourself.

Submission guidelines

Before submitting a load order note please ensure that you have done your research and that the information in your note is accurate. Research steps can include evaluating record conflicts, in-game testing, and referencing mod authors or other sources. If you cannot provide or reference any concrete evidence about the issue you probably should not be submitting a compatibility note on it.

Include your research and sources in your note, outlining the steps you took to reach your conclusions. If possible, include any steps that others can take to verify your findings. Finally, make sure that your note is coherent and follows the general submission guidelines.