Mod Analyzer

Mator Created Oct 1 2016 - Updated Mar 27 2017 Mod picker

Tutorial video: Mod Analyzer Tutorial

Mod Analyzer is a tool for producing reports on mods. The reports are used when submitting or updating mods on mod picker. You input one or more .7z, .rar, or .zip archives and the application produces a JSON file with the following data:

  • A list of the file paths in the selected archives, including files in BSA files
  • A list of mod options include FOMOD/BAIN options
  • Reports on any plugins found in the archives, including
    • Plugin metadata (filename, CRC hash, records count, etc.)
    • Plugin record group composition (e.g. 90 ARMO records, 30 CELL records, etc.)
    • Plugin errors
    • Plugin override records (just the FormIDs and record types - e.g. REFR:04501E305)

For more information on plugin dumps see the mod-dump GitHub repository.


You can download Mod Analyzer from the releases tab on the GitHub repository or from the Nexus Mods page.


  1. If using Mod Organizer, start Mod Analyzer through it so it can access your installed mods.
  2. Browse for the archive(s) you want to analyze. Select multiple archives if they all correspond to the same mod (e.g. optional downloads). Archives with a lot of plugins may take a long time to analyze.
  3. Wait for the analysis to complete. If an error occurs look at the log for troubleshooting.
  4. Click on the View Output button to open the folder where the dump was produced. All dumps are produced in JSON format and will be named after the first archive analyzed.
  5. Click on Reset to return to the home screen and analyze more archives.
    • If an analysis fails after resetting try restarting the program.

Reporting issues

Please submit any issues on the GitHub issue tracker. You can also comment on this article if you need help using the program.