Mod Authors

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Mod authors on Mod Picker are users with the ability to manage mods on Mod Picker. This can be users who created or contributed to mods or curators selected by mod authors or site staff.

Viewing authors

You can view a list of the users who are authors of a mod on Mod Picker by clicking on the authors link in the header.

Becoming an author

Automatic authorship

If you are the original uploader of a mod on Nexus Mods, Steam Workshop, or Lover's Lab that is listed on Mod Picker you can gain automatic authorship over your mod by linking the account you used to upload the mod to your Mod Picker account. This will grant you automatic authorship over any mods already listed on Mod Picker uploaded with the linked account, and automatic authorship over any mods submitted to Mod Picker in the future which were uploaded with the linked account.

Adding other authors

Once you are the author of a mod you can add other users as authors of the mod from the edit mod page.

  1. Go to the page for the mod
  2. Click the Edit button in the header.
  3. Scroll down to the Mod Authors section and click the Add Author button.
  4. Choose a role for the author from the dropdown.
  5. Enter the username of the Mod Picker user you want to add as an author. You must select an option from the autocomplete dropdown to make a selection.
  6. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.

Staff-added mod authors

If the original uploader of a mod is no longer available but you contributed to the mod or maintain it, you can contact the Mod Picker staff. We'll verify your identity and then add you as an author for the mods you have requested authorship for on Mod Picker. Please note that the automatic process and the uploader adding authors is the preferred method of establishing authorship over mods on Mod Picker.

If a mod has no active authors on Mod Picker you can submit a request to the Mod Picker staff to become a curator for the mod. Being curator involves updating the mod page on Mod Picker whenever the mod updates and participating in any appeals on the mod. Please note that if you become a curator for a mod in this way your authorship may be revoked by the site staff if you become inactive or do a poor job of curating the mod.

Not guaranteed

Your authorship status over your mod pages on Mod Picker is not guaranteed. If your account is restricted or banned for violating our terms of service or community guidelines you will lose access to managing your mod pages on Mod Picker.

Author roles

There are three mod author roles on Mod Picker: authors, contributors, and curators. Different reputation is rewarded to you for each mod you are an author for per your mod author role.

All mod authors, regardless of their role, can access the edit mod page and update the mod. Only mod authors with the author role can add or remove authors from the mod or update the mod's advanced options (e.g. disabling reviews, locking tags, and hiding the mod from public viewing). If the "Don't allow contributors to edit the mod page" option is enabled authors with the contributor role will not be able to access the edit mod page or update the mod.

Mod authors on Mod Picker have a special user group which causes their username to appear green.

Mods are not hosted on Mod Picker. Mod Picker only provides information about mods, and does not violate any copyright or licenses held by mod authors or Bethesda.