Mod Submission

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Tutorial Video: Mod Submission Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial Video: Mod Submission Advanced Tutorial

Anyone can submit mods to be tracked by Mod Picker. You can submit a mod by clicking the Submit a Skyrim Mod navbar option.

Source selection

The first step to submitting a mod is specifying sources to download the mod. You can submit mods that are accessible on Nexus Mods, Lover's Lab, the Steam Workshop.

You can add one source per site, and must provide a valid link for each source. You must click the scrape button to have Mod Picker verify the link and scrape information on the mod for submission when using officially supported sources.

Custom sources

Custom sources allow you to submit mods that are hosted elsewhere on the internet. A custom source link should not be a direct link to download the mod. For the purposes of preventing mod piracy we require that sources be links to pages that talk about the mod and provide some basic metadata. Your mod source page should provide the following information:

  • Name of the mod
  • Author of the mod
  • Date the mod was released
  • Date the mod was last updated (if ever)
  • A download link for the mod
  • Optional: a description of the mod
  • Optional: screenshots of the mod

General info

Most of this information will be automatically set after Mod Picker has successfully scraped a source. The aliases field can be set manually, however, and is to be used for any acronyms or alternative names the mod uses.

Mod analysis

The mod analysis section is where you upload an analysis file produced by mod analyzer. A mod analysis file is required for all Mod Picker mod submissions. Once a mod analysis is selected you will see all information in the analysis presented on the page. It's recommended to verify the analysis is correct at this step.


In this section you can add any requirements this mod has. Some requirements may be added automatically based on the mod analysis. You cannot add games as requirements but should add any DLC the mod requires here. To add a requirement:

  1. Click the Add Requirement button.
  2. Enter the name of the mod you want to add as a requirement.
  3. Select the mod from the dropdown menu. The outline should turn green if your selection is valid.

If the requirement doesn't appear in the dropdown menu it may not be submitted to Mod Picker. You can use the mods index to search for it. If you can't find the mod you should submit it prior to submitting any mods that require it.


In this section you must specify either one or two categories for the mod you're submitting. To make this process easier you can check all of the categories you feel the mod belongs to and click the Check Categories button to get advice on redundant categories to uncheck.

If a mod fits in multiple sub-categories (e.g. Gameplay - Skills & Perks, Gameplay - Stealth, and Gameplay - Magic) put it into the super-category (Gameplay). See the categories help page for more information.


In this section you can specify any tags to add to the mod when it is submitted. See the tags help page for more information.

Other options

Here you can specify whether or not the mod is an external utility or has adult content. Note that mods which are marked as external utilities don't have install order notes and appear in the tools tab on the mod list page.