Mods Index

Mator Created Oct 29 2016 - Updated Oct 29 2016 Mod picker

This help page is still under construction!

The mods index is an index page where you can view mods submitted to Mod Picker. The mods index has some features that other index pages don't have due to the way that site statistics work.

NOTE: Because Robin does not want us to scrape Nexus Mods mod statistics there is no Nexus Mods statistic data for mods on Mod Picker. Due to this, you may notice that statistic columns are blank for many mods, and sorting/filtering by source statistics is severely limited.

Source statistic filters

Depending on the sources you've selected from the filters column on the index page, different source statistic filters will be displayed.

Source Filters

Only source statistic filters which can applied to all the sources you have selected will be displayed. If you want to use source statistics it's usually easiest to disable all sources except the one you want to use filters for. A listing of all source statistic filters, and the sources they can be used with, is below:

  • Endorsements: Nexus Mods only.
  • Subscribers: Steam Workshop only.
  • Unique Downloads: Nexus Mods only.
  • Favorites: Steam Workshop and Lover's Lab.
  • Downloads: Nexus Mods and Lover's Lab.
  • Views: Nexus Mods, Steam Workshop, and Lover's Lab.
  • Posts Count: Nexus Mods and Steam Workshop.
  • Images Count: Nexus Mods and Steam Workshop.
  • Videos Count Nexus Mods and Steam Workshop.
  • Files Count Nexus Mods only.
  • Discussions Count: Steam Workshop only.
  • Articles Count: Nexus Mods only.

Statistics columns

Statistics columns will be blank if there is no source offering that statistic. If there are multiple sources that offer the same statistic one value will be displayed per the following priority:

  1. Nexus Mods
  2. Lover's Lab
  3. Steam Workshop

So if a mod has all three sources, the views column will display the views from the Nexus Mods source.