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Mod Picker users can submit reviews on any mods on Mod Picker. You can only submit one review per mod on Mod Picker, and you cannot review mods you are an author or contributor for. Reviews are used to compute mod reputation. See the contributions help page for general information about Mod Picker contributions.


Each review is comprised of two primary components:

  • Section ratings. Between one and five ratings on review sections available for the mod,
  • A text body. This is where you write about your thoughts about the mod - what you like, don't like, and why you gave the ratings you gave.

Overall ratings for reviews are computed by averaging the rating sections.

Review sections

The sections available to you in your review depends on the mod's categories. We've built review sections specific to every super-category on the site, and for some sub-categories as well. To see a full list of the review sections offered for each category click here.

The available review sections are:
Aesthetics, Character Behavior, Concept, Consistency, Enjoyment, Features, Functionality, New Content, Performance, Usability, Voice Acting, Writing

The prompts for these sections differ depending on the category they're associated with. If both categories on a mod offer a review section with the same name we combine the prompts and list the review section once.

You can select between 1 and 5 review sections per review. The review sections and prompts are provided as a guideline to help you think critically about a mod and produce a review - you can add other sections to your review text if desired.


  1. Sign in to your Mod Picker account (or create one). (An account is required to submit a review.)
  2. Navigate to the page for the mod you want to review.
  3. Click the Add Review button.
  4. Click on the + / - buttons on the right of the ratings section to add/remove rating sections. Click on review section names to bring up a dropdown to choose a different section.
  5. Once you've selected the sections you want to use, click the refresh button to generate a text rubric/template with headers and prompts for each review section.
  6. Write your review in the text editor. Make sure your review complies with the submission guidelines. You can reply to the prompts and enter text for each section or delete the sections and prompts and just freeform your review. Your review must be at least 512 characters long (~100 words).
  7. Specify the ratings for each review section, from 0 to 100. You can do this before writing your text body if you want, but doing it after is often easier because writing the text helps you organize your thoughts on what ratings you'd like to give.
  8. Click the Submit button. The prompts shall be automatically removed upon submission - you do not need to delete them yourself.


Mod Picker has reviews so users can share their experience with different mods with other users. Reviews are not meant to provide objective information about mods, but rather for users to share their subjective experience of them.

Value in reviews will be delivered by people who make in-depth and lengthy reviews where they cover what they like and dislike about the mod in detail. These reviews will allow users to get a feel for a mod and make a better decision on whether or not they want to try it out. This applies both to convincing people to try new mods they might not otherwise try as well as to convincing them to avoid certain mods that they may not like. This ultimately saves users time and allows them to find the mods they enjoy easier.

Submission guidelines

  • Cover what you like/don't like about the mod and why. Your reasons for liking or disliking aspects of the mod are important for other users to relate to and understand your review.
  • Do not attack or insult the author(s) of the mod in your review. You're reviewing the mod, NOT the author.
  • Reviews should not be used for reporting bugs/issues with mods. Make sure any issues you mention in your review have been reported to the mod author(s) via their preferred method. (e.g. Nexus Mods issues tab, GitHub issue tracker, or forum thread)
  • Do not review mods you've never used before. This is dishonest and violates our community guidelines.
  • Provide reasonable justification for your review ratings in your review text. If you give a mod a really low rating it is expected that you provide a sufficient explanation as to why you rated that mod so poorly. The same applies to giving a mod a very high score. This requirement is in place to prevent abuse of the review system. What classifies as reasonable justification is at the ultimate discretion of the Mod Picker site staff.
  • Make sure that your review is coherent and follows the general submission guidelines.