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Tags are words or short phrases that describe content. On Mod Picker we’re using a crowd-sourced tag cloud where users can create new tags and add them to Mods or Mod Lists freely. Mods and mod lists can have a maximum of 10 tags.


Creating new tags

You must have at least 20 reputation on Mod Picker to create new tags which have never been used before. See the Reputation help page for more details.

Removing tags

Only the mod’s authors and site staff can remove tags from mods. Only the mod list submitter and site staff can remove tags from mod lists.

Locking tags

Mod authors and mod list submitters can lock the tags for their content so other users cannot add new tags. Note: this does not restrict site staff from managing the tags. The site staff will generally leave your tags alone unless they are very inaccurate or require moderation.

Tags guide

Adding tags

Click the “Add a tag” button to enter a new tag. You can then enter the text for the tag you want to add. As you enter the tag a dropdown will display showing existing tags which match the text you have entered. If you cannot create new tags you must select a matching tag from the dropdown or type an existing tag’s full name to make a selection.

Removing tags

You can click the “x” by a tag to remove it.

Saving your changes

Once you’re done modifying the tags click “Save Tags” to submit your changes or “Reset Tags” to discard them.


  • Enter: Saves the tag and starts a new tag.
  • Escape: Deletes the tag and selects the previous tag
  • Backspace: If no text is entered for the currently selected tag, deletes the tag and selects the previous tag
  • Down/Up arrow keys: dropdown option navigation. Press down to focus the first option in the dropdown.

Managing tags

You can manage a mod’s tags in the left column under the categories section. You can manage a mod list’s tags after the description.

Searching with tags

You can search for mods or mod lists with certain tags from the Mods Index and the Mod Lists Index, respectively. To search for content with a tag or tags, simply add the tags you want to search for to the tags selector in the left column.


  • Avoid tagging mods with tags that are the same as or similar to their categories.
  • Don’t purposely tag mods or mod lists incorrectly.
  • Keep tags reasonable and descriptive. Joke or fluff tags will be deleted.
  • No expletives, slurs, or other foul language in tags, please.

Example tags

  • Clutter - mods that add or modify clutter
  • Gamepad - mods with gamepad support
  • HUD - mods that alter the on-screen display
  • Has MCM - mods that have a mod configuration menu
  • HD - Mods with diffuse textures at a resolution of 2k or more
  • Lite - Mods with diffuse textures at a resolution of 1k or less
  • Map - mods that alter the map menu
  • Needs - Mods that feature some kind of needs system, e.g. for food or drink.
  • Parallax - Mods with parallax, a texturing approach that makes textures have depth
  • UHD - Mods with diffuse textures at a resolution of 4k or more
  • Weapons - mods that add or alter weapons