User Settings

Mator Created Sep 30 2016 - Updated Jan 12 2017 Mod picker

The user settings page on Mod Picker is the page where you can adjust settings related to your profile and account on Mod Picker. You can also manage your mod lists and authored mods from this page.

Once logged in you can navigate to the user settings page by clicking on the Settings link in the user navigation section at the top right of any page.

Profile tab

The profile tab allows you to change your avatar, title, and social settings. Make sure you click the Save Changes button after you've made changes here.


Once you've reached 20 reputation on Mod Picker you can upload a custom avatar. Avatars must be PNG or JPG files at a resolution of 250x250 pixels or less.


Your title is automatically assigned based on your reputation until you reach 1280 reputation. At 1280 reputation you can use a custom user title.


The only social setting currently available here is whether or not to allow comments to be posted on your profile. If unchecked comments no one will be allowed to make comments on your profile and the comments section will not be displayed.

You can also edit your about me here, using full markdown. You can talk about your history with gaming and modding here or whatever else suits your fancy.

Account tab

The account tab allows you to change you linked account, email, password, content, and site theme settings. Make sure you click the Save Changes button after you've made changes here.

Linked accounts

See the linked accounts help page for information about linking accounts.


You can change the email address associated with your account here. Note that you must enter your current password in the password section as well. You can also optionally have your email displayed publicly on your Mod Picker profile page (this is disabled by default).


This is where you can set a new password for your account. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters. For password advice, refer to XKCD.


This is where you can select whether or not to show mods with adult content on Mod Picker. See the adult content help page for more information.

Mod lists tab

The mod lists tab allows you to view and manage your authored mod lists and set your active mod list.

Authored mods tab

The authored mods tab allows you to view and manage your authored mods.

API access tab

The API access tab allows you to view and manage your API tokens. API tokens can be used to interact with Mod Picker's Public API. You can create tokens by clicking the New API Token button. You can rename tokens by clicking the Edit button. You can expire a token (which makes it no longer work) by clicking the Expire button.